Did you know...

  • Every year households spend an average of $1,266 on items they won't use

  • One third of all food grown is wasted

  • Australian consumers use over 10 million plastic bags each day

  • 1 billion single-use plastic bottles are purchased in Australia every year

  • 6000 kgs of clothes are wasted every hour in Australia

These statistics are concerning, but also completely in our control if we can change our perspectives and consumption patterns. Waste is a broad category closely linked to convenience... You may choose to keep it broad and talk about all of these components, or focus on one area (such as single-use plastics, fast fashion, or food waste).


  • Add a feature in your school newsletter

  • Write in your local Quest Community newspaper

  • Hold a screening of 'A Plastic Ocean' 

  • Conduct an audit of waste in your school, share the findings (most common waste items) with your school, and suggest solutions such as waste-free lunches

  • Become a Waste Warrior and make artwork from litter 

  • Create a Thrift Shop or other initiative to encourage repurposing

  • Host a DIY Beeswax Wrap workshop to reduce single use

  • Throw an Eco-Friendly Event to spread awareness... aim for low waste!

  • Start a composting initiative in your school

  • Work with your school to ban straws, plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups.

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