For Spread the Word 2020 you have the opportunity to make a video based on the sustainability or environmental initiatives you are undertaking in your school. We want you to have fun and be creative! Your video should educate and inspire your school community to make some changes and help protect our environment! The winning video will be announced at The Wave and win a Bunnings voucher valued at $100. We’ll show your video to all schools, share on our social media and add it to our website!



STEP 1. 

Choose an initiative or event you want to make your video about e.g. recycling or

waste-free lunches. Videos are a great way to spread your message, engage your

viewers and stimulates interest on your chosen initiative!

STEP 2. 

Recruit your video team!

Do you have tech/drama teachers or expert students that could help you spread

your message more effectively? Ask them if they could help with this challenge and

maybe they could star in your video as well (with permission). 


STEP 3. 

Create your video... Make it engaging, exciting and educational! The video should be between 1-2 minutes in length and please wear your EcoMarines shirts. 


STEP 4. 

Let your school know about it! Play your video in assembly, put a link to the video in your schools e-newsletter, and/or put it on social media (remember to tag us!). 

And don't forget to send your video to us! You can make the video at any time of the year, but it must be submitted to Hannah by Friday 9th October. You can upload the video to YouTube and send us the link (option to make it private), upload to Dropbox or a different file sharing system (email us if you're having issues), or post us a USB in a padded envelop to:

Penny Limbach

Tangalooma EcoMarines

PO Box 1102

Eagle Farm, QLD, 4009


The winning video will be announced at The Wave in October. We will also play the winning video at the event and your school will win a Bunnings voucher valued at $100!


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Check out last year's primary school winner!

Tips for Making Videos with iPad

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