Waste recovery gives items a new life... when we do it right. Did you know only 20% of plastic bottles are recycled?

It's not all bad news, thought! In the last 20 years we have improved our rate of recycling from 15% of recyclable household waste to 95%. 

The challenge is many people don't know how to recycle properly... But that's where you can help! Your local council should have a recycling guide where you can learn more about how to recycle, and share this with your community in an engaging way!


  • Add a feature in your school newsletter

  • Write in your local Quest Community newspaper

  • Hold a screening of 'A Plastic Ocean' 

  • Conduct an audit of recycling in your school, share the findings  with your school, and suggest ways to improve

  • Run a series of recycling missions for textiles, e-waste, soft plastics etc.

  • Collect containers for change and raise funds!

  • Hold a recycling trivia to teach people more about how to recycle... Contact your local council for information

  • Start a composting initiative in your school

  • Book an appointment with Cleanaway

  • Encourage students, teachers, and families to download apps such as RecycleSmart.

  • Check out our Third Party Company recommendations

  • Make sure there are recycling options at school events such as dances and carnivals.

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