Did you know that Indigenous Australian tribes had 'totems'? These were sacred animals, plants or landmarks to each tribe. They are forbidden to hunt, kill or disturb the totem which has been passed down and protected through generations for thousands of years. The totem of the Nunukul people of Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island) is the carpet snake! 

However, since colonisation and interference with our local environment many species are threatened and we are experiencing a loss of biodiversity. This campaign weaves conservation together with Indigenous Australian people so we can learn more about challenges, conservation and culture. 


  • Add a feature in your school newsletter

  • Write in your local Quest Community newspaper

  • Contact your local council and ask them for any information on endangered animals in your area.

  • Set up a CoralWatch display to educate people on the importance and health of coral

  • Take part in a cultural experience, or arrange one for your whole school. Learn from traditional owners about how their ancestors connected with and cared for country.

  • Organise a dress up day to Go Green

  • Biodiversity is closely linked with litter and our impact on the environment, so you may like to check out some ideas on litter 

  • Recruit a Clean-Up Club

  • Take part in Planet Ark Tree Day

  • Throw an Eco-Friendly Event to raise awareness... aim for low waste!

  • Set up a native stingless bee hive

  • Organise a volunteer day

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