For this Recycle Right Challenge, we would like you to start a recycling initiative in your school. Please find below some tips, tools and resources to get you started! 

If you have decided to take on the Recycle Right Challenge, please email us to let us know what you did! 

The Ambassadors from Clayfield College (right) introduced EcoBins at their school to separate waste into 5 categories; paper; mixed recycling; soft plastics; organics; and landfill. Click the link below for more information on EcoBins!

Council Recycling Guides

Every Council accepts different items in the recycle bin. Learn more and search your local Council click on the below links: 

The number 1 mistake people can make is putting household recycling in a plastic bag and throwing it in the recycling bin. If this happens, the bag and ALL its contents are sent to landfill for safety reasons. 

National guide to recycling properly (poster).

Special Recycling


Bread bags, chips packets and other soft plastics can be recycled.


Make money from recycled containers! You can even donate to EcoMarines with code C10041492.


Batteries are toxic and it's important they are recycled and not sent to landfill. 


Is your school recycling ink cartridges?? 


TerraCycle has recycling solutions for almost every form of waste. 


How many old mobile phones can you recover and recycle in your school community? 


This recycling station accepts all e-waste and more!

Educational Resources

How to recycle properly at home, school and your work place.

What happens with items after they're picked up by the recycling truck?

The Snap, Send, Solve app allows you to report full bins, waste and other feedback to council.

The Brisbane Bin and Recycling app teaches you how to recycle items, and even reminds you when bin days are!

Not sure how to dispose of an item? The Recycle Smart app teaches you how to recycle over 170 items!

Although this is a serious issue, try to have some fun!

  • Make fun cardboard superheroes over the bins to encourage recycling

  • You can help motivate students by installing a fun basketball hoop over a recycle bin in the eating area

  • Organise activities for National Recycling Week

  • Think you're a recycling guru? Take this quiz to find out!

  • Set up a fun collection bin near the school administration for batteries, coffee pods, mobile phones, etc. asking a question and they drop their item in the side they think is right: 

Located in Moreton Bay Regional Council?

Moreton Bay Regional Council runs a free School Waste Minimisation Program to help schools across the Region to address their waste management issues.

They provide free waste presentations and tours, videos, workshops and more!

Located in Brisbane City Council?

Brisbane City Council run a school waste minimisation program and free waste education program. A Waste Education Officer will go to your school to implement systems and change behaviours . The ambassadors could ensure the processes they install are followed. ​Just mention you are an EcoMarines school and send them an email. You can also visit their website for information.


If your school has your waste collected by Council you are eligible for free recycling collection services!  


Go for a tour of the landfill and Towards Zero Waste Education Centre at Rochedale. 

Council have an online recycling quiz for students. 


Free online resources such as bin stickers, posters, golden bin award, online fact sheets.

Download the Brisbane Bin and Recycling app to remind you of pickup dates and which items go in which bin.

To dispose of large items that don't go in your household bins, visit 1 of the 4 resource recovery centres in Brisbane.

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