The open ocean is a huge area that includes everything in the ocean beyond the shallow coastal environments!

There are five different ocean zones which are determined by how deep the ocean is.


One of these is the upper zone where some of our favourite animals such as whales, dolphins (boangun), jellyfish, turtles and sharks like to swim. They often use this zone

to migrate long distances between different parts of the oceans as the weather changes with the seasons or between feeding areas and breeding areas.


The open ocean also includes the deepest areas where there is very little sunlight and animals have to make their own light (bioluminescence) to be able to see.


There are even volcanoes in the ocean… in fact, there are more volcanoes on the ocean floor than there are on land! Most of these volcanoes are found in a big area in the Pacific Ocean named ‘The Ring of Fire.’

Sadly, even though the open oceans are generally far from where humans live, our pollution reaches far into the upper zone, including the 'giant garbage patches' and the sea floor of the deepest zone. 


There are too many amazing animals in the open ocean for us to choose just one to share with you! Here are 3 facts about a few of the beautiful creatures found here…

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