The ocean is full of amazing habitats home to many marine animals!

We can categorise ocean habitats mainly by what grows in the area, what lives in the area and how far away it is from land!


For example, seagrass beds are an ocean habitat dominated by a group of plant species. These flowering plants mainly grow in shallow marine environments. Many animals rely of seagrasses for food or to hide, the most famous is of course the Dugong!


Coral reef habitats are also usually shallow water habitats. They are dominated by coral species that grow in clear tropical waters. When corals grow together, they form a complex reef habitat! Some people think that corals are plants. But in reality, one coral is actually made up of a million or more little animals called polyps. These polyps are related to jellyfish!


Deeper into the sea, we find open ocean habitats. There are five different open ocean zones which are determined by how deep the ocean is. One of these is the upper zone where whales, dolphins, jellyfish, turtles, sharks and more like to swim. They often use this zone to migrate long distances between different parts of the oceans.


All our ocean habitats sadly face problems because of human activity. Rubbish in the ocean become trapped in five humongous garbage patches in the middle of the seas. Coral reefs and seagrasses are also affected by human activities. We have already lost 10% of the worlds reefs and 29% of the worlds seagrass beds from pollution, runoff, irresponsible fishing, tourism, and global warming.


But, it is not all doom and gloom! Fewer people are littering these days - which is amazing! Though, it's very important that everyone does not litter... so don't forget to spread the word next time you are near the ocean!


There are too many amazing animals in the ocean for us to choose just one to share with you! Here are 3 facts about a few of the beautiful creatures found here…

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