LEVEL 2: Eco-Friendly Projects

Have a little bit more time on your hands? Want to get family and friends involved in making your household more sustainable? Then this level is perfect for you. This page is full of fun eco-friendly projects to start up in your home.  

EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS! Choose one or more of these projects to do at your own time with your own set budget!

Have you done some of these projects? Send us a photo and follow us on our socials. 

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Get recycling!

Start your own recycling system in your home. Click the arrow to see the steps!

Creative Composting!

Create your own worm farm!

Click the arrow to see the steps!

DIY Cleaning Products

Swap out your harmful cleaning products for these easy DIY ones!

Click the arrow for recipes.

Waste -Free Lunchboxes

Get the kids involved and start baking and cooking to create some waste-free lunches!

Click the arrow!

Active Travel Family Workshop

Spend time discussing how you can use your car less. Active travel is healthier and better for the environment!

Click the arrow!


An eco-conscious family

It can seem daunting to get your whole family into making better choices for the environment. But there is plenty of information out there to help your transition easier. Check out this great blog:

On a budget?

There is a common misconception that going green is expensive! In reality, making eco-choices can actually save you money. Check out this great fact sheet by CoralWatch to see how you can start saving $$!

EcoMarines Parents 

EcoMarines parents have an important job supporting their little eco-heroes. But, remember kids learn from their parents, so check out this website to see how you can support your EcoMarines Ambassador!

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