We are working on new and exciting changes to this challenge and will update teachers with more information soon! The changes will include contactless loaning of litter collection equipment, and the students will have the option of running lunchtime clean-ups, active travel + picking up litter on the way to school, and/or loaning equipment to households. Stay tuned or contact us for more information!

The ‘104 or More Clean-up Club’ challenge is an ongoing partnership with Brisbane City Council (BCC) to address litter in public places. The team will be able to assist the EcoMarines with:

  • risk assessment (prior to clean-up)

  • litter collectors and hoop bags

  • sunscreen

  • hand sanitiser

  • support


STEP 1. 

Arrange a time for Brisbane City Council to visit the ambassadors and start planning! Work through our Clean Up Club plan with the Litter Team to help get the ball rolling. They have also provided a Risk Assessment.



The team will leave behind a few litter collection tools to help you with the next step...

STEP 2.​

Spread the word to encourage students to participate! You could present on assembly with your tools from BCC, make posters, and write in your school newsletter. 


Announce the date, time and meeting location and maybe talk about key litter items or areas you will be focusing on, and why picking up litter is so important!


We also encourage you to personally invite staff, cleaners, and groundspeople...

Check out our templates provided by Bulimba State School!

STEP 3. 

It's Clean Up day! BCC arrive at the school and the EcoMarines Ambassadors are responsible for:

     1.   Welcoming BCC staff, instruct BCC where they’d like the table/equipment set up

     2.   Assisting with the set-up and distribution/collection of cleaning tools and bags

     3.   If you decided to do an audit on the day, ambassadors will help facilitate the post-clean-up               discussion about the rubbish collected. Some rubbish will be examined to see what the                   main items were, how can we reduce those items, etc.

STEP 4. 

After the clean-up, Brisbane City Will provide the school with a bundle of '104 OR MORE' bags (bottom right picture). The EcoMarines can hand these out in the playground when they see good behaviour relating to litter to continue the conversation and to change attitudes within the school. 

STEP 5. 

Ambassadors present at assembly with photos and results of the clean-up. What items did you find? Did a lot of students help clean-up? What did you learn? Encourage students to continue picking up litter!! Brisbane City Council will kindly loan a number of collectors and hoops to make this easy.

STEP 6. 

Encourage school to write article for school e-newsletter and include in their social media with #104ormore

If you are doing this challenge, we encourage you to do our Waste Warrior Challenge at the same time :) 

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