Help raise awareness about environmental issues!

For this challenge we ask you to do one of the following activities to help Spread the Word:


  • Make a poster

  • Take a photo and ask an adult to tag us on social media

  • Make a video message to share. See some of our videos:

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For this challenge you will present to a small group of people about water quality and why it's important we look after our waterways.


The script and everything you need to run this activity can be downloaded here:


Trying to eliminate packaging in your lunches at home and at school will make a big difference to the environment! 

Check out this rap song Bulimba State School made to promote Wrapper Free Wednesdays at their school:

Wrapper free lunches are also a great way to promote healthy eating. Check out some lunch ideas from Wishart State School:


The number 1 mistake people can make is putting household recycling in a plastic bag and throwing it in the recycling bin. 

If this does happen, the bag, along with it's contents (recyclable items) will be sent to landfill. 

Please also make sure you don't put anything GROSS (e.g. dirty nappies, yes that's right, this is a DISGUSTING!!) in your recycling bin. Part of the recycling process is sorted by hand  - so it is important to keep it as clean as we can. This is why items in plastic bags are not recycled, as it's not safe to open them. The recycling process is interesting, please click on the video below to learn more. 

Brisbane City Council    (they also have an online Council have an online recycling quiz​ for students). 

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Redland City Council

City of Gold Coast

Ipswich City Council

Logan City Council

Scenic Rim Regional Council

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Somerset Regional Council

Here is a recycling poster you can download and print to use at home: 

Do you get confused about which items belong in which bin??? Every Council accepts different items in the recycle bin which makes it a little bit confusing. Search your local Council to find out what items can actually be recycled so you Recycle Right:

Some items are more difficult to recycle (ink cartridges, mobile phones, soft plastics, etc.) because they have to be specially recycled somewhere other than your household yellow lid bin. Often these items end up in landfill because people are too busy or don't know where/how to dispose of them correctly. 

Here's how you can recycle some of these items:


Butterfly Puddle

A butterfly puddle is a shallow pool of a water mixture for the butterflies to rest on while they drink. Watch the below video so you can learn how to make your very own butterfly puddle: 

Lizard Lounge

You can help your local lizard out and create a place that he can stay safe and have a rest.

Click below to download the instructions:

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You will need to organise an adult to accompany you for this litter clean-up. Find a local street, park or beach where you want to pick up litter! If possible, try to recruit some friends to join and help you.


You can pick up litter for as long as you want! Please make sure you: 

  • Keep eyes open for small items

  • Wear gloves and use old pair of tongs or litter pick up stick 

  • Slip slop slap 

  • Do not pick up anything sharp or dangerous


You may also like to make a display in a container and do a presentation for your class!


Please take photos and make sure you tag us on social media to help spread the word :) 

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